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Before embarking on a treehouse project, you are certain to have a question or two. Or maybe you're a do-it-yourselfer who is stuck partway through a project and needs a reassuring voice at the other end of a phone line. Whether your questions are conceptual or technical, we are here to help. Please note that not all consultations are performed by Pete.

Consultations are available three ways:

  1. Telephone consultation with a treehouse specialist. This is the best option for quick questions and advice regarding building in the trees. Note: Any design work requires a in-person site visit. To ensure accuracy, we cannot work off of photos, Skype calls, videos, etc.
  2. On-site consultation for clients who live in the greater Seattle area. These are not conducted by Pete Nelson. One of our treehouse builder extraordinaires will conduct a site visit to answer any and all questions regarding design, quick fixes and strategy. This is not a full treehouse design - this is intended to assist the DIYer on their treehouse project.
  3. If you live outside of the Seattle area we can schedule an on site consultation on a first come, first serve basis. Please be prepared to be placed on a waiting list as our services are in high demand and priority is put on local consultations.
Pete Nelson

Cost Breakdown:

Phone consultation services are offered at an hourly rate of $150 (billed in 15 minute increments) with a one hour minimum.

Local consultation services within the Puget Sound area are offered at an hourly rate of $250 with a one hour minimum. Beyond 1 hour, we bill in 15 minute increments. In addition there is a .75 cent per mile mileage fee round trip from Fall City. If your location is more than 1 hour (roundtrip) from Fall City, there is a $75 per hour travel time fee after the first hour. Ferry charges and tolls will also be billed to the client.

Non-Pete site visits outside of the Puget Sound area. These costs vary depending on the location of the project as lodging, plane fares, car rental, etc. will be required. This fee will also be dependent on the scale of the consultation - for example altering a treehouse design, performing a quick fix or giving advice on a project that is already in progress. Minimum cost will be $2,500 for 4 hours of consultation.

Pete site visits for a Conception Consultation are much harder to schedule and prices are subject to change.

Schedule a consultation:

We ask that you fill out our Online Questionnaire. This will ensure your data is in our system. Once we have reviewed each questionnaire, we will email you with next steps to get your project off the ground.