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Although Pete wishes he could be involved in all of our site visits, he cannot. Over the years, Pete has carefully selected and trained expert treehouse builders and designers to help him get treehouse projects off the ground! So, whether or not it is Pete or one of our talented team members, this is what happens during a site visit.

Site visit for a potential treehouse build:

First things first, we would like to meet your trees! In fact, meeting your trees is the most critical part of the conceptual design and budgeting process of treehouse process and can only take place during a site visit. The trees dictate the platform design, which is the foundation of the design process.

Here is what generally happens during a site visit:

Put on a pot of coffee and get ready to talk! Our team wants to hear in detail about your treehouse - how you envision using the space, your design ideas, budget, hopes, and wishes. If you want to let the kids chime in, we're all for it. This is the time for you and your family to dream out loud and we are looking forward to brainstorming with you.

When the coffee pot's empty it's time to for us to meet your trees. The truth is we've never met a tree we didn't like, but we like some better than others for building treehouses in. We will need some time to mosey around and get a feel for the place and make sure that the best tree is chosen for the job of holding up your treehouse (see Tree Selection).

With the tree(s) selected, our team will then spend some time getting to know them better. This is the time when we can let our creativity and years of experience come together to form a picture of the treehouse you talked about over that pot of coffee. With a concept in mind, our team will share some preliminary sketches and ideas to share with you what we're thinking. It's with your feedback and direction that we are then able to get all of the pieces we would need to the polish the concept. We want to make sure that the treehouse that's taking shape in our minds is a place where you, your family and your friends will want to spend lots of time for many years to come.

Treehouse building is custom. Each tree scenario is different making the design process unique each time (this is the best part!). It is the site mapping, tree measuring and conceptual brainstorming that happens during a site visit that will be key to creating the perfect treehouse for your family if you decide to move forward to the next step. The next step is the Conceptual Design.

The fee for a Site Visit varies depending on the location of the project as lodging, plane fares, car rental, etc. will be required. Minimum cost will be $3,000 for a site visit with two team members.

After a successful Site Visit, you're in the driver's seat! If you want to move on to Conceptual Design we will get started!

A Conceptual Design includes:

  • Platform design
  • Floor plan
  • 2-3 elevations (two rounds of revisions maximum)
  • Budget
  • Specifications detail
  • Preliminary investigating of zoning and permitting and other required studies and their associated costs. This may include investigating if Geotechnical reports, Engineering and Architectural drawings are required and their estimated costs.

A Conceptual Design is $15,000. The first 50% is billed upon signing of the contract; the last 50% is due upon the approval of design.

Schedule a Site Visit:

We ask that you fill out our Online Questionnaire. This will ensure your data is in our system. Once we have reviewed each questionnaire, we will email you with next steps to get your site visit scheduled. We look forward to meeting you! And your tree(s)!